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This Program is designed for use by human resource and EEO professionals to aid in evaluating employment transactions for adverse impact. Adverse impact is a statistical concept that is generally used to mean there is a "substantially different passing rate" between two groups on a practice, procedure, or test (please see for a more detailed discussion). Since the late 1970s, the U.S. courts have defined and re-defined the use of adverse impact analyses for evaluating various personnel transactions such as layoffs, hires, promotions, transfers, and several other events. While these tools may be useful for conducting preliminary analyses, we recommend reviewing our book, Adverse Impact and Test Validation (2nd Ed.), for a more detailed discussion.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (08/28/10): Adverse Impact Toolkit - Online was updated to reflect the important decisions in the EEO field regarding the Fisher Exact Test and Practical Significance.

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BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please download a PDF of the Adverse Impact Toolkit Manual (Version 4.2c; Updated 12/22/09) to refer to while you're working on the Adverse Impact Toolkit - Online.

Note: The use of the Adverse Impact Toolkit - Online is free. Technical support for the use of the Adverse Impact Toolkit - Online and the professional interpretation of the results it provides is available at the current hourly billable rates of the Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. consultants.
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